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We have had the honor to play a very small role in supporting our friend Romany Malco (you may know him as the “black guy in The 40-Year Old Virgin or as Conrad from the hit show Weeds, or his many other roles in various films and TV shows) as Romany wrote, directed/produced and starred in this fantastic film… Tijuana Jackson: Purpose Over Prison. To say Romany is talented would be an understatement. And we believe the success of this film should be an inspiration to everyone as an example of how you can put vision, passion and hard work together to make your dreams come true! From the mind of Malco comes @tijuanajackson … TJ is an ex-con turned life coach and motivational speaker. The film is full of jokes, but trust that TJ is dropping game too.. And, if you act fast ( #TODAY ) you can pre-order the film on AppleTV & iTunes for half-price. #support #filmmaking #comedy #tijuanajacksonmovie #goodmovie Tijuana Jackson Fan Page

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