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We support the movement to make #JUNETEENTH an official national holiday! #freedom #equality #unity

We are inspired by the members of our human family, in countries all around the world and in all 50 states and countless cities all across America, that are STANDING UP in solidarity and demanding justice, freedom and equality for the black community.
#blacklivesmatter #onelove

This Tuesday, at 11am Pacific, we will be chatting with our friends at the @scpga about the importance of authentic, relevant and consistent communication online… and how the game of golf is well-positioned to thrive in this new environment. #golf #socialmedia #marketing #promotion #storytelling #branding #strategy #consulting

It’s #MentalHealth Awareness Month! Our friends at the #JANEFF Foundation have been long-time supporters of Airport Marina Counseling Service. Their spring fundraising event has gone virtual. Read more below. #support #attend #donate #amcs #spring #event
From AMCS:
This year’s 16th Annual “Spring into Well-Being” celebration will be held online via Zoom on Thursday, May 28, 2020 so that we can adhere to the “Safer at Home” order and still support the Airport Marina Counseling Service’s (AMCS) biggest fundraiser of the year.
A virtual cocktail hour will precede the program at 5 p.m. and the event will begin at 5:30 p.m. The event will include a live and silent auction, entertainment and lots of surprises. Join us as we honor the 2020 Champion of Mental Health, Sandy Luboviski; and the 2020 Community Builder, Tony Palermo. Even though we are going virtual, this year’s goal is still to raise over $300,000.
Visit for more information and to register!

So lucky to work with such great people and awesome brands. Our friends at @liquidiv have donated hundreds of thousands of servings to health care professionals around the country. Another giant thank you from the whole @oneninth team to all the people risking their own health to care for the health of others! We are grateful for all you do. And THANK YOU to the wonderful humans at @liquidiv for doing so much to support them!! #salute #gratitude #appreciation #covid19 #thankyou #nurses #doctors #healthcareheroes

This is a special #EarthDay 😎 Not only does it mark the 50 year anniversary of the official day we celebrate the planet we call home, but it’s also special because with most of the humans locked inside Nature has enjoyed a much needed reprieve from the perpetual damage we do daily. The air is cleaner and the animals have been able to relax and to roam without us in the way. Our wish on this Earth Day — as many of us are stuck inside, craving the next time we can walk in the forest, swim in the ocean, etc — is that when the quarantine is over that we all do our best to tread a little lighter and live more sustainably. Thankfully, we have come to appreciate, honor and support the essential people that are caring for us during this crisis. And, it’s our hope that we all learn to appreciate, honor and protect this planet and the ecosystems that will take care of all of us until the end of time. HAPPY EARTH DAY!! #nature #ecology #animals #oceans #forrests #earth #mothernature #sustainable #future

Recently the United Nations released an open brief and a call to action to the world’s creatives, marketers and influencers… they needed our help to “flatten the curve!” And that call was answered. The response was impressive, and inspiring. THOUSANDS of submissions came in from all over the globe. From the minds of the imaginative came the memes, the songs, the ads, and the campaign concepts that were intended to help spread awareness of issues and information and stop the spread of the virus. So today we just want to say thanks and salute our colleagues for their contributions!! Keep creating!!! #flattenthecurve #washyourhands #wearamask #stayhomesavelives #coronavirus #covid19

Luckily, you don’t always have to put actors in front of a camera to tell a good story… even during the quarantine we can help make powerful content for your brand. Our animators and visual effects artists can literally create something “out of nothing” … and your old footage or stock footage can be reassembled by our editors to make something entirely new. #timetogetcreative #storytelling #advertising #videoproduction #contentcreators

Massive gratitude to all the essential workers still taking care of so many of us. Meanwhile, our company continues to take care of our clients… but are working remotely. Looks like many on our team have moved their at-home offices into their backyards. And, looks like the pets in our families are doing their best to help! How are you doing working from home?? #wfh #workfromhome #socialdistancing #petsarefamily 😎❤️👍🏼