November 2017

The evolution of content.. If you haven’t checked out @KCET in awhile, you should. Lots of new shows, etc! Looking forward to possible future collaborations. Can’t wait to tell more cool stories!! #storytellers#producers #entertainment #education #empowerment

Check out our recap of Jean Pigozzi’s exhibition “Johnny’s Pool.” The opening reception was held last week at Leica Store Los Angeles. Typically, collections rotate about once a month so you still have time to stop by and check it out. In addition to the photos on display, you may be interested in his two books, “Pool Party” and “Me & Co.” It is rumored that Jean is the inventor of the selfie, and he has a collection of selfie shots with some of the most iconic celebs on the planet, ranging from about 1972 until present, to prove it. Finally, Leica and Jean have collaborated on a custom-designed, limited-edition Leica Sofort… an insta-print-camera perfect to capture your next pool party!