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Right now… it would be great to be soaking and relaxing in a #SundanceSpa!!! 😎 We recently produced this video for the #SundanceSpas 880 Series. #getyours #hottub #spa #hydrotherapy #relaxation #familytime #qualitytime

We all hear a lot of talk about the wealthiest 1% … But PG Impact Investments is focused on supporting the development and deployment of technologies that help the poorest billion people on the planet. The ones who live on less than $2 a day. The ones who really need our attention. Agriculture, energy, medicine, education and fintech are all areas in which investment in advances can truly have a positive impact on people’s lives! #makeadifference#changetheworld #investinthefuture #conciouscapitalism#impactinvesting #profitswithpurpose #peoplehelpingpeople #invest#investments


In honor of our friend’s birthday… a little flash back to a video we shot for Leica Camera with Mathieu Bitton and the M10-P. Happy Birthday Mathieu!

It was a pleasure and honor to meet and work with US-Olympian Janet Evans to capture this testimonial for our friends at Jacuzzi® Official. Not only did Janet win FOUR Gold Medals, she also set records that held for decades! She’s an amazing athlete, woman, and mother… Janet used hydro-therapy throughout her competitive career, and now has a #Jacuzzi #hottub at home that helps with some physical ailments and also provides a wonderful way to spend some quality time with her family.


We love supporting projects of substance, and campaigns aimed to make a difference. We love supporting companies that care about impact as much as, or more than, profit. Today we are happy to share “Together We Rise” as imagined by @lo_la_creative and commissioned by GRRRL Clothing … GRRRL is a brand that empowers women .. to be themselves, to feel beautiful, to feel powerful and to BE equal. Massive thanks to LO:LA & GRRRL for bringing us in to help bring this to life!!! #GRRRLArmy #yougoGRRRL #STOP the bulls#it and start working #TOGETHER #TOGETHERWERISE


When we told you “no”, that should have been enough.

When we say “stop”, you stop

But you didn’t.

So now you answer to us.

Everything we do, we will do together

Every rule we rewrite, the next generation can’t ignore.

Together we will make it stop.

Together we will rise.

This is the #grrrlarmy. And we will make this change. “She shouldn’t have talked back to the police”. “Why didn’t you leave after the first incident?” “You should have worn something different.” “They chose that lifestyle so they can deal with the consequences.” How many of you have been on the receiving end of vile abuse in some form?

And when you tried to speak up, did you witness others responding to your experience with criticism and judgement?

This isn’t about pointing fingers.

This isn’t about being victims.

This isn’t about revenge.

This is about realising that we are at a time where WE get to choose how the story ends.

From the start of GRRRL it’s been “all for one and one for all”

We don’t have to like each other, but we sure as hell have to love and respect and lift each other up as women.

Then (and only then), do we get to rewrite the rules.

WE get to create a new future; one without a hierarchy of ‘greater importance’, and one containing harmony amongst all.

In order for us to succeed, we have to come together.
We can’t show up when it’s convenient for us, or when we ‘think’ something impacts us directly.

If it affects you, than it affects me, and that impacts WE.

If we see something, we say something.

We listen to understand, not to be right.

We believe.

We rise together.

What some don’t realize is how much work happens before we show up to work! #prep #prepday #prepro #preproduction #getready #plan#prepare

Another new @lennykravitz video was released today. Special thanks again to Mathieu Bitton — who filmed these recording sessions — for tapping OneNinth to handle the post-production on this project.

Check out the full length video on #LennyKravitz YouTube channel:

The holidays are almost here. In this season of celebration and gratitude we are grateful to have been asked by @flemingssteakhouse and @lo_la_creative to film this spot featuring Fleming’s Thanksgiving menu. #dinner #delicious #foodporn #hungry #thanksgiving #flemings #family#friends #gratitude #holidays #oneninth

New Music Monday! We were honored to handle post production for this Lenny Kravitz music video. Shot by Mathieu Bitton during actual recording sessions, this version of “Low” shows Kravitz in the studio as he plays many of the instruments and sings the vocals for one of our favorite tracks on his new album Raise Vibration.

Watch it on YouTube here:

This is a quick “we’re thinking about you buddy” post… @colin_scummy_morrison is in the hospital today dealing with a bit of pneumonia. We’re sure he’ll be back in the saddle in no time, tearing up the track as usual. Check him out in this short clip from one of our @cyclegear shoots earlier this year.. and then stop by his page and give him some love! #getwellsoon #feelbetter #cantkeepagoodmandown