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The @intlsurftherapyorg is a collective of nearly 50 Surf Therapy programs around the world. These groundbreaking researchers and practitioners are using the power of the ocean and the fun of surfing to help improve the mental health and wellbeing of thousands of participants… and are advocating for recognition and support of Surf Therapy which has proven to be highly effective and beneficial to children with autism, veterans with PTSD, and many others with mental health challenges. We were happy to help cover the first World Surd Therapy Symposium right here in El Segundo, and of course spend some time in the water and in the beach in El Porto. Check out some highlights from this two day event here. #mentalhealth #surftherapy #surfing #teamwork #beachday #purpose #loveourjob

We love @liquidiv – ❤️ – and by that we mean: we love the product, we love the company mission, and we love the team of humans that are behind the brand. We’re stoked to be able to continue to support their success by assisting with their content needs. #CTW #purposeoverprofits #elsegundo #greatcompany

We’re feeling grateful… 2019 has been our most profound year to date!

✈️9,000+ miles traveled for shoots (stay tuned for updates on our adventure in Dubai)
🎬300 hours of video footage captured in more than a dozen cities
🤝36 clients cared for with projects ranging from short animated social videos to full-service marketing campaigns
💞7 purpose-driven organizations we supported with donated or discounted services
👩‍💻3 new talented additions to our team

Thank you to our wonderful clients and partners… and of course to our hardworking team for constantly exceeding expectations and reaching for new heights. We look forward to continued success in the new decade! #2019 #2020

A little promo piece we created for @redbull leading into the Red Bull Music Festival Atlanta. The event runs from November 1st through the 14th and features a series of exhibits and performances at a variety of cool venues in the Atlanta area. Thanks again to @kastner_la for bringing us in to bring their vision to life!! #redbull #musicfestival #atlanta #animation #production @redbullmusic @oneninth

It’s a beautiful day in the South Bay! What a great place to live AND work…. and one of our favorite places around here to spend some time is … Terranea!! @terranearesort #terranea #resort #terraneaproud #hospitality #southbay #oneninthmedia

Coming soon… new work with @totalwine and @lo_la_creative! Here are a few BTS photos from our shoot this weekend. We feel lucky to have great clients, great partners, and great crews to collaborate with on projects like these! #gratitude #commercial #production #filming #creative #agencylife (Thanks for the pics @nickkarnold)

Even our sound guy has a better eye than some of those “professional” photographers out there! Thanks @soundguygraff for snapping some behind the scenes shots on a recent commercial shoot. (Unfortunately, Insta won’t us post them all in their original aspect ratios, etc) #crewlove #setlife #production #commercial #behindthescenes #bts

Four years ago, we were flying helicopters around Los Angeles… and flying drones inside the lWalt Disney Concert Hall… to create this commercial to promote the 2015/2016 season for the LA Phil.

Los Angeles Philharmonic @ Walt Disney Concert Hall.

#NationalRelaxationDay but we take no days off👏Setting up for a#ThermoSpas shoot today, seems like a fitting way to spend this national holiday…💆‍♂️

Always a blast working with @thetravelmom to help promote beautiful @sonomacounty. We sure miss those breathtaking views…Be sure to check out @thetravelmom on Facebook for your chance to win a two-night stay in Sonoma County! #sonomacounty #lifeopensup