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Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!! Check out “Terra the Elf” reading some classic stories by the fire at @terranearesort #forthekids #merrychristmas #happyholidays #tistheseason #storytime

A cozy shoot by the fire at @terranearesort filming classic holiday stories read by one super cool “Elf” 🎄 😎❤️ #terranea #happyholidays #storytime

Yeah, yeah… we know Fridays are for flashbacks, but today we can’t help but reminisce about this @cyclegear campaign we collaborated on a couple years ago with @lo_la_creative … Thanks again for inviting us to direct and produce these spots! This was a fun one!! #cyclegear #roundthecorner #motorcycles #dirtbikes #flattrack #motocross #superbikes #willowsprings

In case you missed the big news this week… Unilever is acquiring Liquid I.V. 😍👍🏼 This is huge, as Unilever will now be able to help LiquidIV expand internationally. We can’t help reminiscing about the very first video we helped create for Brandin Cohen and Hayden Fulstone to launch the company and their first friends-and-family fundraising round, just 8 short years ago. Fast forward to today, and you can see the vision manifested… an innovative brand, an amazing team, a mission to change the world, 9-figure sales in the last 12 months, and now a successful sale of the business to one of the largest multi-national consumer goods companies on the planet. LiquidIV has become part of a family of brands that “make products people love – and that make a difference!” We couldn’t be more excited about the success you’ve achieved to date, and know that some of the best is yet to come. Thanks so much for trusting us to create your very first piece of content and thanks so much for continuing to utilize us as a production and post-production resource today. It’s truly an honor to support your success in some small way. Also, thank you for staying true to your mission of helping those in need when they need it most and donating over 5 million sticks of your hydration multiplier to victims of earth quakes, children in malaria stricken countries, first responders here in America, doctors & nurses during the pandemic, and more! We believe the success of purpose-driven businesses like yours will truly help make the world a better place. #congratulations #ctw #liquidiv #fuelinglifesadventures #bethechange #conciouscapitalism #mission #purpose #elsegundo #wherebigideastakeoff

Dynamic Systems Inc has been around 30+ years. They are a systems integrator that designs custom tech solutions for public sector clients. OneNinth recently assisted Dynamic with a brand refresh that included a new logo, new fonts & color palette, a new website, redesigned collateral and more. Stopped by the office today and saw the new logo on the sign in front of the building… 😍! #logo #brandrefresh #design #isawthesign

We miss all the wonderful events at Leica Gallery Los Angeles … Here is a little Flashback Friday share, from January 2019: Ralph Gibson’s “Digital Color” Leica Store Los Angeles Leica Camera #photography #art #gallery #digital #color #photographer #ralphgibson #leica #fbf

Excited to announce the launch of a new and better way to shop solar… Introducing Jolt Solar – the easiest and most affordable way to purchase a solar system for your home. Check out their website for more information… and let us know what you think of this animated brand video we created for them! #solar #solarenergy #sustainable #renewableenergy #fortheenvironment #savemoney #savetheplanet

Our friends at Liquid I.V. have launched a new flavor: Seaberry … and recently released a series of videos (video below) documenting their epic adventure to Napal. It was a humanitarian mission to bring medical supplies and their famous Hydration Multiplier product to some of the most needy folks in the most remote areas of the country. While there, they made some friends while making a difference.. and fell in love with the seaberries (that only grow in the Himalayas!) Also worth noting is that this limited edition Seaberry Hydration Multiplier comes in their new, fully sustainable packaging that is compostable. 😎❤️👍🏼 #mission #changetheworld #travelmore #sustainability #seaberry #makeadifference #goodwork

Thanks again to @liquidiv for all the support they provided to first responders and health care professionals during this pandemic… and thanks for allowing us to help tell your story! #covid #pandemic #coronavirus #doctors #nurses #firstresponders #gratitude

This is a project we did last year with @lo_la_creative for their client @grrrl_clothing … The concept was that there were many social issues that needed to STOP. The premise was that we are all human and should not be treated differently or discriminated against based on our skin tone, gender, sexual preferences, weight or ANYTHING that isn’t related to content of character. So today, we share this piece again as a reminder that it’s time to #STOPracism ✊🏿✊🏾✊🏼✊🏽✊🏻#blacklivesmatter #onelove #bettertogether #togetherwerise