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This is a special #EarthDay 😎 Not only does it mark the 50 year anniversary of the official day we celebrate the planet we call home, but it’s also special because with most of the humans locked inside Nature has enjoyed a much needed reprieve from the perpetual damage we do daily. The air is cleaner and the animals have been able to relax and to roam without us in the way. Our wish on this Earth Day — as many of us are stuck inside, craving the next time we can walk in the forest, swim in the ocean, etc — is that when the quarantine is over that we all do our best to tread a little lighter and live more sustainably. Thankfully, we have come to appreciate, honor and support the essential people that are caring for us during this crisis. And, it’s our hope that we all learn to appreciate, honor and protect this planet and the ecosystems that will take care of all of us until the end of time. HAPPY EARTH DAY!! #nature #ecology #animals #oceans #forrests #earth #mothernature #sustainable #future

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