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Last week at the Leica Store Los Angeles we covered the gallery opening for Nikki Sixx‘s “Conversations With Angels” featuring a beautiful and thought provoking collection of his street photography. We also got to sit down with Nikki to discuss his life, his love of Leica Cameras and the stories of the homeless people he meets and shoots in Los Angeles and around the world. See the video below.. and if you have the chance to stop by the Leica Gallery to see the exhibit, we highly recommend it.

Also want to mention that his proceeds from the sale of this street photography will be donated to Covenant House California to help create a photography program for homeless youth. Ten years ago, monies raised by the sale The Heroin Diaries (Book), Nikki’s autobiography, helped start the music program at the same charity.. that program is still going strong today.

Special thanks to Nikki, Leica, and the teams that brought all of this together and allowed us to help capture the moment!

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